Crest’s vision is to create a highly sustainable and environmentally conscious development.

Sustainable design

We propose to deliver a low carbon neighbourhood at Shenley Park:

  • All homes will be electrically heated with no on-site gas
  • Electric vehicle charging points will be provided to each home
  • Renewable energy will be generated with either heat pumps or solar panels
  • Walking and cycling will be promoted and designed to be safe and convenient
  • Public transport services to be improved and connected to the development
  • Generous open spaces will be made accessible for all to use, with 10% biodiversity gain delivered.


The proposals for the Site aim to deliver at least a 10% biodiversity net gain across the Site. This will be achieved through the enhancement and creation of a range of semi-natural habitats and corridors with increased species diversity. Existing wildlife habitats would be protected with dark corridors to the boundaries with woodland features to benefit wildlife species including bats.