Access & Travel


The site allocation within the Vale of Aylesbury Local Plan requires a link road to be provided between the A421 and either H6 Childs Way or H7 Hayton Way.

Currently, H6 Childs Way is the only deliverable option available – this land is adopted highway which has long been designated to provide a future road extension. As such, H6 has been identified as the optimal access point to the development. The spine road would divert some traffic into the grid road system and our plan is for it to be single carriage way rather than dual.

It is acknowledged that the existing open space will be changed by this proposal. Therefore, the proposals include opening up the northern section of the Shenley Park development to provide a large area of open space accessible to Oxley Park and Kingsmead residents as well as new residents of the development. This will include childrens play areas and a variety of landscaped spaces suitable for all ages.

As part of our due diligence and in response to feedback we are looking at both options. However, there are issues with H7 Hayton Way in respect of third-party land ownership and early studies show there may be a more significant impact on the local highway network and similar impact on local residents if an access is sought through H7. Please visit out Project Updates page for further information as these discussions develop.

Local Links

Travel links from Whaddon to Milton Keynes will be improved with the provision of new bus services, or an extension of existing services.

Transport Assessment

A Transport Assessment has been undertaken and submitted to both Milton Keynes and Buckinghamshire Council who will review and agree any mitigations required. You may view this as part of our application online, details are provided on the home page as to how to access this.