Landscaping & Drainage


Crest is employing a landscape-led approach in the delivery of Shenley Park. The proposals:

  • Respond to the Site’s location and setting close to Whaddon and the Whaddon Nash Local Landscape Area.
  • Retain and enhance existing hedges and trees as an integral part of the development wherever possible.
  • Create an expanded network of green spaces, natural buffers and habitats for the well-being of residents and to achieve biodiversity net gain.
  • Include an extension to Tattenhoe Valley Park and a semi-natural buffer to Whaddon.
  • Provide a range of formal and informal sports and play areas across the Site.
  • Provide a network of recreational routes for walkers and cyclist within the Site and links to adjacent rights of way.
  • Provide landscape mitigation for local residents including along Childs Way.
  • The Northern Linear Park will act as a buffer to Whaddon Conservation area and soften the views of the development.

Pedestrian and Cycle Movements

Existing pedestrian and cycle connections to the Site include:

  • A bridleway (BW006) and Shenley Brook End bridleway (BW009) along the eastern edge of the Site, forming part of the Milton Keynes Boundary Walk.
  • Another bridleway (WHA/12/2) running parallel to the north Site boundary and forming part of the North Buckinghamshire Way.
  • A public footpath (WHA/17/1) running diagonally across the southern parcel of the Site.
  • A ‘Redway’ route which runs into Milton Keynes from the north-east edge of the Site at Childs Way, with proposed new footpaths and cycleways within the Shenley Park to connect with these existing links.
  • A link to the south-east along Tattenhoe Valley Park (via BW019), providing recreational users with extended routes, as well as a route to the south to the Salden Chase development.


Crest’s proposals will be respectful of the Whaddon conservation area and heritage features with views of the new development screened by the existing woodlands and proposed landscape planting.

The proposed design acknowledges Whaddon’s elevated position and has informed the location of the local centre and areas of higher density, with a generous landscaping buffer to the north and northwest of the development.

Archaeological investigation has taken place across the entire Shenley Park site, with findings being recorded and presented to Buckinghamshire Council.


  • Flood risk assessment ensures the new and existing properties in the area are not at an increased risk of flooding.
  • Drainage from proposed development will follow the natural typography of the site.
  • The development areas will use Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and aim to reduce the flood risk downstream of the site.
  • SuDS will reduce runoff from the site to less than the current rate by using permeable pavements, soft drainage features, rain gardens, and attenuation basins.